Montag, 9. Januar 2012

Tell me why.... I dont like Mondaaaaays .....

Hey guys,

my holiday is over :(, sad... but true!

Well back @work and rushing forward with 110% coolness.

I´m about to make my 5th Microsoft Certificate to become an MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT-Professional). So my rehab from holiday will be 2 weeks of learning about 217 questions which could be asked in the exam.
GOSH! I hate mondays, let it be friday oh god of work! .....

Well at least, there are some new releases in the anime world:

Fairy Tail Episode 112 & One Piece Episode 530

watch them @

I will keep u updated about my condition of madness!

See u then ;-)


  1. Hold on! And good luck with that microsoft certificate.

  2. Oo thanks for reminding me. i'm gonna go watch one piece :D

  3. sounds like you have to learn a lot. good luck with that and dont get demotivated

  4. Fairy Tail and One Piece? I think I'm going to like you. Good luck getting past that exam and being more badass.

  5. I wish you best of luck. I know that feeling about Mondays, being hating since 1992

  6. I still have 2 months holiday over here in Australia!

    Weird Interesting News

  7. I don't like Mondays too. It sucks :/


  8. do you also follow one piece in manga or only in aime? +followed!

  9. I still think shounen is overrated, but hey whatever rocks your boat.

  10. i post both, manga and animes, well but most likely only those which i do read xD

    thanks for the comments, no one got problem with his pc? Then i would have to keep up my madness @work and the anime/manga section :D

  11. everyday your alive is a holiday! who has time for tears! not you ;)

  12. Getting back to work on Monday is always rough- good luck with it

  13. everybody hate mondays, huh?
    I don't like one piece too much, buit going to check out fairy tail