Freitag, 27. Januar 2012

That last "awesome" Week ....

Hey guys,

sry I was kind of busy and lazy last week so there was no new post, hope u found out of the releases for yourself, well not? I will post them at the end of this entry so be patient and read :D

Well, good news first so from now on you can all call me an MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT Professional) I made it and my classmate too :)
We both got just enough points to pass the exam, my classmate got 700 points and I got 717 (u need 700 to pass the exam :D :D)

You remember my last injury from football? Well it got better so I was at the training last week again with my tought "O.K. u always hurt urself in the last 30minutes, so watch out u end your training 30minutes earlier so u won´t get hurt" ... Right? I think this will be enough to save my legs for the next time, but not last Monday.
This time I REALLY hurt myself very badly. I overstrechted my belts @my left ankle while trying to steal the ball from my "enemy" :D

Like I said - hurt myself badly - so I wasn´t able to walk for the next day, but I´m recovering really fast. I think my body needs junkfood when it is injured so I´m like a tank 99999 hp reggen every day ya know ;)

Soooo just for that, this time U will not only get the releases but also summary of what happens...

Manga Release since last time:

Naruto 571
Naruto 570
One Piece 654
One Piece 653

Fairy Tail 268
Fairy Tail 267
Hajime no Ippo 964
Hajime no Ippo 963
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 370
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 369
Hunter x Hunter 333
Hunter x Hunter 332

Bleach is on a break until next week, so lets hope they will be back with a new story :D

Anime Releases since last time:
One Piece Episode 532
Naruto Shippuuden Episode 246
Bleach Episode 357
Gintama Episode 243

Enjoy them, I did :D

You´re waiting for the summary? Just kidding :D as if I would spoiler around what happens in these ;-) u have to find out for yourself! :)

But trust me... it is worth watching

Until my next post, don´t do sports it will kill ya and have fun reading the mangas ;-)

See ya

Mittwoch, 18. Januar 2012

I DID IT AGAIN `;...;´

Yay, know what I did?
RIGHT, I injured myself AGAIN @football training >_<

Can´t even walk normally. Can´t properly drive a car, I can´t really press the clutch because of the pain....

Today I will visit my doctor, let´s see what he has to say about this FFFFUUUUU <.<

Well but one good point, I learned like hell and I´m goooood :D

Yesterday was this great episode of Bleach, watch it 

Tonight or maybe tomorrow I will post the release of the Big 3 Mangas. Let´s wait 4 Shounen Jump Release :D

Montag, 16. Januar 2012

Monday?! Again?!

Shop da whoop, weekend just passed by, without an hello ......

Damn, friday I will have my exam for the MCITP, and guess what, I´m STILL unmotivated and didn´t do a goddamn thing for it, BAAAH

Okay, today is the day were i start to learn like hell, not even @work but also @home, damn didn´t want to do that, damn

Good Lord, can´t help it .... well, good news 4 u guys out there, new manga&anime releases :D


Today´s also football training, so wish me luck i wont injure myself again :D

For the Fitness-Guys between you, I just bought some weights for my feet(4 pounds) and also for my wrists(6 pounds each). Try to use them the full training, but I think I will take em off, after 1 hour or even before that, they are not really that heavy for your normal day, but while running with them I might die :D

Until tomorrow my guys ;-)

Donnerstag, 12. Januar 2012

Another S.O.S

As if I would give up. Relentless gimmeh strength!!

Since Tuesday i´m really really (this means I´m REALLY) unmotivated. My sleep gets gettin worse and worse and the learning process is like zero. 100% fail, 0% progress :D

Today I will get my motivation back and start like a rocket launcher......... maybe ^______^

Well, damn me but i wanted to go swimming today, to do something additional for my body, but my knee hurts since monday´s soccer training so this won´t be happening :-/
Well as exchange i can go to the gym, lets do some exercises which were presented by Trainer - thanks for ur blog bro ;-)

Okay let´s get back to work, have to learn more and more and more and more and more and more and OMG i have to learn a lot of things, damn >_<

But first, the new Manga Releases, Shounen Jump was released yesterday, which means the Big 3 are here now:
  • One Piece 652
  • Bleach 479
  • Naruto 569
And also:
  • Hunter x Hunter 331
watch and enjoy them

See ya ;-)

Dienstag, 10. Januar 2012

Freaky Tuesday....

Happily I survived monday, but tuesday is already giving me the finisher.

I´m so tired, but I have to learn... Damnit. Maybe I will make a short break for now and get some energy drink to revive myself before i fall asleep at my computer :D

Gimmeh your best wishes, if I fall asleep, see ya tomorrow :)

The Anime Releases from Yesterday and Today:

Gintama Episode 241
Bleach Episode 355

watch them on ;)

Montag, 9. Januar 2012

Tell me why.... I dont like Mondaaaaays .....

Hey guys,

my holiday is over :(, sad... but true!

Well back @work and rushing forward with 110% coolness.

I´m about to make my 5th Microsoft Certificate to become an MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT-Professional). So my rehab from holiday will be 2 weeks of learning about 217 questions which could be asked in the exam.
GOSH! I hate mondays, let it be friday oh god of work! .....

Well at least, there are some new releases in the anime world:

Fairy Tail Episode 112 & One Piece Episode 530

watch them @

I will keep u updated about my condition of madness!

See u then ;-)

Freitag, 6. Januar 2012

Let´s get this started

Hey guys out there,

this will be my new blog.

Trying to make it cool and awesome for u ;-)

But for that, I will need your help. I want to solve your PC problems, so if u have a prob, don´t be shy and post it in the comments.  I will pull out the worst problem and do my best to give u a clear advise how u can solve it.

Also I will tell you about the latest manga/anime releases starting with:

Naruto Episode 243 u can watch it here:

And also the newest chapter of Fairy Tail (265) @

enjoy it and like me ;-)

see ya