Montag, 16. Januar 2012

Monday?! Again?!

Shop da whoop, weekend just passed by, without an hello ......

Damn, friday I will have my exam for the MCITP, and guess what, I´m STILL unmotivated and didn´t do a goddamn thing for it, BAAAH

Okay, today is the day were i start to learn like hell, not even @work but also @home, damn didn´t want to do that, damn

Good Lord, can´t help it .... well, good news 4 u guys out there, new manga&anime releases :D


Today´s also football training, so wish me luck i wont injure myself again :D

For the Fitness-Guys between you, I just bought some weights for my feet(4 pounds) and also for my wrists(6 pounds each). Try to use them the full training, but I think I will take em off, after 1 hour or even before that, they are not really that heavy for your normal day, but while running with them I might die :D

Until tomorrow my guys ;-)