Mittwoch, 18. Januar 2012

I DID IT AGAIN `;...;´

Yay, know what I did?
RIGHT, I injured myself AGAIN @football training >_<

Can´t even walk normally. Can´t properly drive a car, I can´t really press the clutch because of the pain....

Today I will visit my doctor, let´s see what he has to say about this FFFFUUUUU <.<

Well but one good point, I learned like hell and I´m goooood :D

Yesterday was this great episode of Bleach, watch it 

Tonight or maybe tomorrow I will post the release of the Big 3 Mangas. Let´s wait 4 Shounen Jump Release :D


  1. jugding from your smilie in your title i thought you sucked someones blood!?!....

  2. pretty sure we all told you to be careful mate ;D

  3. You need to stop playing sports and start reading more manga.

  4. I feel you! I cracked my knee in football in the 8th grade. It hurt so damn bad. Took a long time to heal. In high school a year back I got hit in a drill and my ribs hurt like hell. Still played that game though. Dumb of me. many times ive gotten hurt from BMX volleyball and football and karate. Just have to be careful.


  5. I feel sorry for you. Hope you`ll recover fast.