Freitag, 27. Januar 2012

That last "awesome" Week ....

Hey guys,

sry I was kind of busy and lazy last week so there was no new post, hope u found out of the releases for yourself, well not? I will post them at the end of this entry so be patient and read :D

Well, good news first so from now on you can all call me an MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT Professional) I made it and my classmate too :)
We both got just enough points to pass the exam, my classmate got 700 points and I got 717 (u need 700 to pass the exam :D :D)

You remember my last injury from football? Well it got better so I was at the training last week again with my tought "O.K. u always hurt urself in the last 30minutes, so watch out u end your training 30minutes earlier so u won´t get hurt" ... Right? I think this will be enough to save my legs for the next time, but not last Monday.
This time I REALLY hurt myself very badly. I overstrechted my belts @my left ankle while trying to steal the ball from my "enemy" :D

Like I said - hurt myself badly - so I wasn´t able to walk for the next day, but I´m recovering really fast. I think my body needs junkfood when it is injured so I´m like a tank 99999 hp reggen every day ya know ;)

Soooo just for that, this time U will not only get the releases but also summary of what happens...

Manga Release since last time:

Naruto 571
Naruto 570
One Piece 654
One Piece 653

Fairy Tail 268
Fairy Tail 267
Hajime no Ippo 964
Hajime no Ippo 963
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 370
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 369
Hunter x Hunter 333
Hunter x Hunter 332

Bleach is on a break until next week, so lets hope they will be back with a new story :D

Anime Releases since last time:
One Piece Episode 532
Naruto Shippuuden Episode 246
Bleach Episode 357
Gintama Episode 243

Enjoy them, I did :D

You´re waiting for the summary? Just kidding :D as if I would spoiler around what happens in these ;-) u have to find out for yourself! :)

But trust me... it is worth watching

Until my next post, don´t do sports it will kill ya and have fun reading the mangas ;-)

See ya


  1. I got to catch up on my anime and manga >.>

  2. You really need to stop injuring yourself.

  3. Owowowow.... You need to take better care of yourself.